Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's County Fair Time...

I spent the afternoon at the Warren County Fair, in Indianola, Iowa. My office (Coldwell Banker) has a booth and it's just a great way to meet and greet. Always seeing someone I have not seen in quite awhile, it's almost a sure bet I'll run into a few pleasantries and play catch's just delightful!

Later in the evening, my husband, Steve, met up with me and we went to the Jason Brown concert. Jason is an upstart from Pella and did a very nice job. The rain held off, but the rain clouds loomed overhead. The impending rain did not 'dampen' the evening, nor the nice concert.

I wondered where he found his INSPIRATION? What spurred him on to follow his dream of making it big in country music. He writes many of his songs...again, what INSPIRES the thoughts to be turned into words, words to lyrics, lyrics to a full-fledged song.

Are you following your dreams? Where does your INSPIRATION come from? What do you do with it...

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