Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I awoke early with energy to spare

Very unlike me these days...I awoke early, showered and left the house by 7:05. It didn't register with me, just how early it was until I jumped in the car!!! I'm serious. I was out the door and pulling away at 7:05...I didn't have to be at the office until 8:30.

A quick trip to A&M (the local convenience store)for my daily diet pepsi and the car needed gas...uuugh! Inspired by the beautiful morning, I was glad that I was up and at 'em...engaged in the day and delighted by it all.

As I headed north, in the sky up ahead I observed little dots in the didn't take me long to remember that the National Balloon Competition was in full swing. Oh, an unexpected moment in time. Once again, inspiring thoughts came to my of which was this entry into my blog.

I marvel at just what it was that had me up and going so early. Was it fate or God's hand in my day...he surely knew I needed it! Seeing the balloons reminded me of earlier days when we would go to Indianola every summer for the National Balloons. Fun memories...

Another inspired day...what will I do with it? Who's life will I touch in an inspiring way? It is my be inspired by the "everyday" happenings and to be an inspiration in someone else's "everyday" happenings.

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