Sunday, September 14, 2008

Creative Inspiration

Wow! Two friends and I took a road trip to Minnesota this weekend to take in the JunkBonanza event in Medina. WHAT A FUN TIME!!!

Talk about inspiration...around every turn, in each booth, in the car...the motel was all around us.

My friends...well, I've found my 'soul sisters'...magazine junkies, junk junkies, decoration junkies...we are so much alike. We even had to walk away from an item we wanted, because the other wanted to purchase it.

Colors of fall filled the, rust, yellow, brown...oh, how I love this time of year. The cooler temps and crisp morning air...invigorating! I'm always inspired to redecorate my home, clear the flower beds and garden, trade out the summer wreaths with the fall ones. Out come the heavier throws and window treatments. There was plenty of accessories and decorative decor to fill in with what I already have and to freshen what's older and tired...time to refresh and renew.

My getway with my 'soul sisters' was fun-filled. Laughter followed us everywhere. Having someone to run a purchase by, someone to verify a color, talk us out of a 'poor' purchase...that was all part of the weekend.

Happiness found me as I dropped each of them, with their haul, at their homes. Taking each item out of the car brought back fun memories of when and where the purchase was made.

I was anxious to get close, yet so far away. I couldn't wait to share my purchases with my hubby. I picked out a few things for my office. A few things for home.

My inspired life...filled with friends. Soul Sisters...those who share the same interests, the love of the same things, or at least the appreciation and acceptance of the things we love. The same temperment, the same humor, so many things that are alike.

What inspires you at this time of year? Do you have a soul sister?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Teachers who inspire...

Inspiration comes in all forms and I believe we all have the opportunity to inspire someone else through our positive contributions in life.

I can't think of any career that would offer more opportunity, though, than a teacher. How rewarding it must be to inspire the love of reading, writing, the arts, history, etc. I think back lovingly to the teachers that meant the most to me in my formative years.

As I reflect back on those in my past that have had the most influence on me in my education-both in the classroom and as a person. I think about my sixth grade teacher, Mr. Voss. I remember him calling my mom and me in one afternoon to discuss the possibility of me 'going down the wrong road'. Seems I started taking an interest in a different set of friends...he cared enough to mention something to me...and to my mom. I'm forever grateful. An excellent teacher! He inspired me to look at my life, what I want from it and where I want to go in life...

Mrs. Lemon...picture this...Mrs. Lemon was coordinated from head to toe. The earrings matched the broach, the broach matched the bracelet, which matched the dress, which matched the shoes...and she was as round as a lemon, too. BUT, she never sent us home with homework. She said, your parents don't come home and do 'their job' work, and I don't believe children should either. Now, if we didn't get it done in class, because of daydreaming or goofing off, (a.k.a talking) then that was another story. We were responsible for ourselves. I have always remembered her philosophy on that for some reason. Inspiration came in the form of 'taking responsibility' for yourself and what was put in front of you.

Mrs. Davidson...she was my 6th grade science teacher and she was great...really made science exciting. One night, we all got to come back to the school to watch meteors in the sky...She sat up several telescopes and we just had the greatest time. It was in her class, too, that I got to work in a dark room. I often think of that when I'm taking photos now. There are others, too. Mr. Dirksen who introduced me to writing and Mr. Wilkinson who brought world history to life for me.

Inspire someone create, to learn, to take the initiative, to stand up for what's right...INSPIRE!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Time flies...of course, we're having fun!

I can't believe that summer is almost over and fall will be here before we know it. Fall inspires me. The cooler temps are invigorating. The fresh apples induce the interest in baking. Pumkins, gourds and corn stalk bunches encourage a room redo.

We went to the Iowa State Fair twice. Talk about inspiring! As I meandered through the fabric and threads exhibits, I stood in awe of the tremendous talent, creativity and beauty of all the entries.

I realized just how much I've missed sewing...something I used to do quite frequently. If I could make a clearing to my machine, I might take it up again (ha, ha)

On display, the granduer of the Budweiser Belgians was amazing. Stately and big...they are truly a wonder.

Have you visited the state fair...Iowa's or your own states? Tell me about it...what's your favorite thing about the fair?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I awoke early with energy to spare

Very unlike me these days...I awoke early, showered and left the house by 7:05. It didn't register with me, just how early it was until I jumped in the car!!! I'm serious. I was out the door and pulling away at 7:05...I didn't have to be at the office until 8:30.

A quick trip to A&M (the local convenience store)for my daily diet pepsi and the car needed gas...uuugh! Inspired by the beautiful morning, I was glad that I was up and at 'em...engaged in the day and delighted by it all.

As I headed north, in the sky up ahead I observed little dots in the didn't take me long to remember that the National Balloon Competition was in full swing. Oh, an unexpected moment in time. Once again, inspiring thoughts came to my of which was this entry into my blog.

I marvel at just what it was that had me up and going so early. Was it fate or God's hand in my day...he surely knew I needed it! Seeing the balloons reminded me of earlier days when we would go to Indianola every summer for the National Balloons. Fun memories...

Another inspired day...what will I do with it? Who's life will I touch in an inspiring way? It is my be inspired by the "everyday" happenings and to be an inspiration in someone else's "everyday" happenings.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's County Fair Time...

I spent the afternoon at the Warren County Fair, in Indianola, Iowa. My office (Coldwell Banker) has a booth and it's just a great way to meet and greet. Always seeing someone I have not seen in quite awhile, it's almost a sure bet I'll run into a few pleasantries and play catch's just delightful!

Later in the evening, my husband, Steve, met up with me and we went to the Jason Brown concert. Jason is an upstart from Pella and did a very nice job. The rain held off, but the rain clouds loomed overhead. The impending rain did not 'dampen' the evening, nor the nice concert.

I wondered where he found his INSPIRATION? What spurred him on to follow his dream of making it big in country music. He writes many of his songs...again, what INSPIRES the thoughts to be turned into words, words to lyrics, lyrics to a full-fledged song.

Are you following your dreams? Where does your INSPIRATION come from? What do you do with it...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Open houses...get inspired

Looking for a new home...maybe you're just starting out...get inspired by visiting real estate open houses.

Open houses are planned for YOU...the consumer. It's your opportunity to view homes in a carefree manner. They are also a great way to evaluate the market. What's available? What are things selling for? What floor plan do you like...what will work for you and your family. They are also a terrific way to get INSPIRED by the decor: style, colors, accessories.

Looking for a Realtor? You can evaluate them, too! If you'd like to visit with me...just let me know.

Friday, July 18, 2008

What's going on at Vintage Home & Garden

Wow! We've had a lot of fun at the shop these past few months. Being open every weekend has offered many of you the opportunity to shop VHG, when the 2 days a month was very limiting. It's a change, and with change, there is always a time of adjustment...but, we're hanging in there.

My daughter runs the shop on Fridays and then she and I are both there on Saturdays. It won't be long and it'll be time to plan for fall...can you believe it? I can't...but that's the way it is with retail.

How is your summer going? I hope well...what's new in your world? What are you doing to help with the gas prices putting the squeeze on us?

My Inspired Life

My inspired life...I find that there are so many things that inspire me...the sun, the moon, an unsolicited smile, giggles, birdsong, creative design...

I think most anything can inspire me. What inspires you? When inspired, what do you tend to do? How does inspiration find it's way in you...through you?